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Unfinished White Oak Herringbone installation
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Unfinished White Oak Herringbone installation

If you are looking for something custom we have you covered! Here we had a custom 12 inch Herringbone made for this client and the advantage of ordering unfinished hardwood either from a herringbone format or planks is that you can customize the finish and colour to pretty much any ...

Questions about Humidity and how it affects Hardwood Flooring? This is a great article to read! Protips from Kentwood

With Humidity, It's All Relative  Kjell Nymark explains the difficult concept of Relative Humidity With the new year we welcome a new contributor to the ProTips team: Kjell Nymark, Metro’s Technical Services Advisor.  Kjell (rhymes with ‘shell’) has spent ...
Vinyl Plank Flooring is taking over
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Vinyl Plank Flooring is taking over!

Vinyl Flooring has come a long way in both style and durability. We are featuring Everwood a beautiful Vinyl Plank product produced by Torly's. Some of the main benefits of installing a Vinyl Floor would have to be that it is waterproof! Ideal for basements, condos, rentals and cottages ...