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Downtown Toronto Condo Living

Downtown Toronto Condo Living

Many people have asked if it possible to install beautiful hardwood flooring in their condo? The answer is yes! Engineered Hardwood can be installed in condos and have a solid feel. Above is a recently completed project by Toronto Flooring Solutions where a White Oak Wide Plank Engineered ...

Flooring Replacement

Toronto Flooring Solutions handled our recent floor renovation project with the utmost professionalism, efficiency and courtesy. Their installation crew was highly skilled, incredibly fast and genuinely cared about the quality of their work. Even an abscessed tooth suffered by one ...
Cork Flooring for updating your home’s floors cork flooring toronto

Cork Flooring for updating your home’s floors

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Updating your home’s floors is a great way to improve the look and comfort of any room. There are dozens of fantastic materials frequently used for flooring, but one has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and it’s not what you might expect. Cork flooring in Toronto has ...
Impressive ways to improve your living space engineered hardwoord flooring

Impressive ways to improve your living space

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One of the most impressive ways to improve your living space is by installing new floors. There’s nothing else that stands out as clearly as stunning new flooring, and there are some truly impressive materials being used these days. When it comes to upgrading the flooring in your ...
Flooring ideas for the Etobicoke area flooring etobicoke

Flooring ideas for the Etobicoke area

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When it comes to flooring in Etobicoke, you’ll have some interesting choices to make. Ontario is home to some unique conditions that make choosing the right flooring important for anyone looking for a long lasting and beautiful material. Taking a minute to understand some of the ...
Flooring Shops Downtown Toronto flooring shops down town toronto

Flooring Shops Downtown Toronto

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There’s no shortage of flooring shops in downtown Toronto, but it can be tricky to find one that offers the most sought after options from the most popular brands. A lot of the shops out there seem to specialize in one particular type of flooring, and the shops that do offer different ...
Hardwood Flooring options in Toronto hardwood flooring toronto

Hardwood Flooring options in Toronto

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Hardwood flooringhas been a decadent option for centuries. It’s widely used in homes all over the world because of its ability to create a sophisticated and elegant look in any home. There are several other popular flooring materials available, but nothing else is as beautiful as ...
Laminate Flooring laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for many homeowners, designers, and builders. It offers the beauty of solid hardwood floors in a cost effective system that is easy to install and maintain. In recent years, laminate flooring has come a long way. It offers some great benefits ...
Marmoleum Flooring marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum Flooring

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Marmoleum flooring has been making an amazing comeback in recent years. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your home through the installation of new flooring, marmoleum should definitely be considered. What is marmoleum, and what makes it a viable option for a growing number of Canadian ...